Land Transfers for Oct 15 – 21

Published 6:09 pm Friday, November 26, 2021

 Oct 15 – 21

Chapman Lumber Company Inc to Steven W Sandridge; 103 Dutch Road; $167,500

Pilar Atarthi by AIF to Dericka L Fulgham Artis; 1206 Baltic Street; $270,000


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Habitat for Humanity of Southampton Roads to Donica R Miller; $200,140

Robert J Brock to Norris Navell Lester Jr; 493 Green Wing Drive; $330,000

Mary E Copeland to Emily Valdez; 1204 B Street; $266,000

Robert Brandon Dodd to Michael J Andrews; 2001 Regency Drive; $348,000

Cecil L Williams to Jerry D King; 6046 Steeplechase Lane; $325,000

Ryan L Utara to Brittany R LLoyd; 1608 S River Creek Landing; $250,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Jacob Ramos; 121 American Way; $314,390

Nansemond Reserve Homes LLC to Amber Nicole Scanlon; 106 Sea Hero Court; $403,515

Ashdon Builders Inc A Virginia Co to Richard W Goad; 5059 Riverfront Drive; $483,105

Nansemond Investments Co LLC to NVR Inc; 212 Republic Lane; $185,800

Hearndon PR Builders LLC to Kenneth D Royster II; 107 Cloverleaf Drive; $396,275

AB Homes LLC to Kyle H Black TR ETC; 4505 OKelly Drive; $466,538

Benjamin Mitchell Goodman III to Deshawn L Thompson; 112 Settlers Landing Road; $440,000

Darren D Campbell to Jamey A Ragsdale; 121 Rockland Trail; $338,000

Jose J Ojeda Rivera to Jeff Lowe; 3713 Willow Glenn Circle; $520,000

Caleb M Young to Leslie Paul Moore Turner; 110 Sandalwood Lane; $465,000

Sammie Williams to Miles T Waters; 1008 White Herons Lane; $538,000

Donna K Provost Co Administrator to Printice Benjamin Perry Jr; 4924 Mize Lane; $189,000

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Tempest Walker; 2082 Herons Pointe Lane; $425,370

Angelo Marchione to Lisa Josette Robinson; 303 Melrose Court; $225,000

Doris A Eure to Meraki Investments LLC; 9800 Southwestern Boulevard; $37,000

Retreat at Bennetts Creek LLLP to Kiana Dayle Hoffman; 105 Creek Front Lane Unit 97; $424,057

Robert M McClung Jr to Scott Lister; 419 Quaker Ridge Court; $650,000

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Renata Slayton; 1408 Union Pacific Way; $255,900

Franciscus at Bennetts Creek LLC to Christine C Parrish; 1405 Union Pacific Way; $248,026

James O Perry to Kelvin A Reed; 135 Sleepy Point Way; $925,000

Shahini Inc to Atson LLC; Raleigh Avenue; $12,500

NRGC Development LLC to William Henry Hayes Jr; 127 Norfleet Lane; $353,330

Ronald E McClenny to Erica Lynn Stancill; 708 Buckhorn Drive; $153,000

Capres B Amory to Capres B Amory Jr; 1206B Street; $237,500

Reginald Lucille Judkins Est to Mattjack Holdings LLC; $99,900

6211 Heather Glen LLC to BEnjamin D Munson; 6211 Heather Glen Drive; $220,000

Lars Lerebourg to Oliver T Lerebourg; 120 Robertson Street; $85,000

Paramount Investments LLC to Eric Smith; 4744 Deer Forest Road; $489,800

Marion G Hale TR ETC to Elizabeth Rene Poplawsky; 8749 Adams Drive; $450,000

Sidney L Hines Inc to Craig Branch; 1037 Old Somerton Road; $64,000

Seth A Miles to John P Wright; 149 Outlaw Lane; $415,000

Eduardo A Monson Jr to Devaughn Henry; 309 King Court; $273,000

Daniel B Darder to Christopher I Cuya; 126 Graystone Trace; $334,850

Frank M Rawls Administrator to JCAL Investments LLC; 2825 Holiday Point Drive; $160,000

Tonja Verna to Tashiana Barnes; 2445 Cherry Blossom Drive; $257,000

Boyce Widener LTD to Crystal Nicole Eley; 996 Jefferson Street; $260,300

Cross Office LLC to 221 North LLC; 1707 North Main Street; $164,000

NVR Inc to Rebecca Anne Crowe; 149 Deceleration Lane; $436,250

Stanley F. Legaski to Daninel Boyd; 1036 Boundary Drive; $366,000

Patricia Perez to Lawrence Schena; 1202 Island Park Circle; $275,000

Bruce B Fortney to Matthew R Hundley; 184 Rochdale Lane; $360,000

William McCray Jr to Clearview Homes VA LLC; 713 Nixon Drive; $20,000

Brianne T Ihlenburg to Kevin Walter Ihlenburg; 3420 Archers Mill Road; $250,000

Shane G Stille to Josephine R Morris; 2053 Bay Shore Lane; $335,000

Gregory Edward Hare to Sasser Construction LLC; 235 Wentworth Ct; $144,000

Kevin A Wright to Philip Timothy Mazzola; 2052 Indian Point Road; $368,500

Suffolk Properties LLC to Suffolk Plaza Shopping Center; 808 North Main Street; $235,000

BC Branch Enterprises Inc to Christian Elan Hadaway; 1925 Copeland Road; $387,500

Taylor Construction LLC to Kenneth Leland Ponnie; 102 Sea Hero Court; $459,815

Paramount Investments LLC to Rodney Kyle Robinson; 315 W Constance Road; $230,000

Joshua M Wisniewski to Secretary of Housing and Urban Development; 1416 Planters Drive; $16066

Wheeler Lee Tucker Jr to Thomas A Maddox; 2019 Brians Lane; $359,900

Matthew T Luter to Joshua D Dowling; 163 Kristen Lane; $263,000

Edwin Gilliland to Samantha Woodall; 193 Piedmont Road; $495,000

Lenard T Nicholson Executor to Wealth Building Inc; 612 Roosevelt Drive; $77,000

Daniels Construction Corp to Zachary L McNitt; 5544 Godwin Boulevard; $259,900

Deborah Denice Gains Ward to Mercer Ventures LLC; 66 Armstrong Avenue; $50,000

Deborah Denice Gains Ward to Mercer Ventures LLC; 68 Armstrong Avenue; $50,000

Robert L Earl Jr to Thomas E Goode Jr; 9047 River Crescent; $636,000

James E Carter to Aaron D Boyer; 2114 Soundings Crescent Court; $418,000

Robert Moreland Jr to Eric Smith Jr; 5110 Olympia Court; $531,000

Tyler John Moore to Catherine A Rowe; 500 Lummis Road; $450,000

NVR Inc to Hunter Luke Oliver; 125 Declaration Lane; $580,250

Dream Renovations LLC to Paul J Landsittle II; 3740 Carolina Road; $310,924

Bank of New York Mellon TR ETC to Joann Bush; 1884-A Hosier Road; $3,000

Joel R Fortune to Clay T Cyrus; 504 Oak Grove Court; $270,000

Mary L Cross to Adam Wayne Hockenberry; 104 Bailey Circle; $242,000

Dexter H Cuffee to Paul Robbins; 5107 Stonewall Court; $540,000

Thorne P Roehrig AKA to Natalie Ann Elizabeth Frahler; 142 Brewer Avenue; $239,900

Diana E Johnson to Alexander M Jacobs; 160 Squire Reach; $205,000

BSJ LLC to Carmelo P Morabito; 110 Sea Biscuit Run; $486,150

Dennis Gartman to Christopher Keen; 9128 River Crescent; $500,000

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Steven Christopher Tukes; 119 American Way; $313,055

Carol Lynn Arrington Sims to Theodore L Hunter; 0 Southwestern Boulevard; $25,000

Brittany Shauntae Brown to Marlin K Walker Jr; 120 Dawson Lake Lane; $475,000

Christopher L Hartley to Brent W Morrision; 114 Jester Circle; $315,000

Michael S Pyon to Duc K Trieu; 9381 Rivershore Drive; $300,000

Family Trust Under The Will Of Debra J Angstadt to Britton Place LLC; SW Corner SR 664 and Holland Corner Rd; $47,598

Family Trust Under The Will Of Debra J Angstadt to Jones Swamp LLC; West Line Holland Corner Rd; $83,628

Ryan Williams Burns to Douglas Meier; 133 Kings Hwy., $600,000

RF8B LLC to Renea M Banks; 109 JonBoat Drive; $407,162

Terry W Tichy Sr to Laura M Napolitano; 3588 White Marsh Road; $205,000

Joseph Smutz to Denise D Halison; 3402 Strata Court; $226,000

Dan Asble to Alex D Goff; 565 Collins Road; $340,000

James H Durden Jr to Zachary Pryor; 1290 Freeman Mill Road; $416,156

Herons Pointe Homes LLC to Juan Ramon Alicea; 2028 Herons Pointe Lane; $504,150

Casa Investments LLC to Darrell Everrette Meadoh; 4421 John Street; $361,530

Karen M Duneman to Brian Cumings; 6319 Pelican Crescent; $370,000

Donald D Admire to BC Branch Enterprises Inc; Nansemond Avenue; $25,000

James H Durden Jr to Christopher A Boyd; 1280 Freeman Mill Road; $403,580

AB Homes LLC to Curtis T Godfrey; 4509 O’Kelly Drive; $431,266

Norvella Holdings LLC to Keith D Harris; 3107 Ibis Boulevard; $448,000

Anglea A Petty to Edgar Moreland; 100 Pecks Mill Court; $360,000