Police Reports for Nov. 24-28

Published 4:47 pm Monday, November 29, 2021

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations.

November 24

Hit and run, Forest Oak Lawn


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Nonreportable offenses, Copeland Road

Theft from a motor vehicle, Plumber Boulevard

Hit and run personal injury, Portsmouth Boulevard/Bob Foeller Drive

All other fraud, Trilogy Loop

Nonreporatble offenses, Portsmouth Boulevard

Motor vehicle theft, Trilogy Loop

Larceny of a firearm, Dabney Lane

Simple domestic assault, Central Avenue

City report property damage, Okelly Drive

Simple domestic assault, Jonathans Way

Threaten bodily harm, Ocklawaha Avenue

Driving under the influence, alcohol, North Main Street

Simple assault, Portsmouth Boulevard/Nansemond Parkway

Recovered stolen vehicle, Bowrider Drive

Strong armed robbery, Nansemond Parkway

Hit and run, Holland Road/Faulk Road

Embezzlement, North Main Street

Violate protective order, Jonathans Way

Brandishing a firearm, East Washingon Street

Petit larceny, West Constance Road

Lost or stolen, Sierra Drive

Traffic hazard, Mineral Spring Road

Attempt suicide, Godwin Boulevard

Petit larceny, Portsmouth Boulevard

Shoplifting larceny, North Main Street

November 25

Possession of heroin, South Broad Street/Virginia Avenue

Tampering with a vehicle, Blackstone Way

Tampering with a vehicle, Stoney Ridge Avenue

Simple domestic assault, Nancy Drive

Simple domestic assault, Nevada Street

Tampering with a vehicle, Shoal Creek Road

Shooting at an occupied vehicle, Portsmouth Boulevard

Assault of a police officer, Beamons Mill Trail

Motor vehicle theft, Cushing Street

Theft from a motor vehicle, Sports Club Run

Larceny of a firearm, Sports Club Run

Motor vehicle theft, Bay Shore Lane

Theft from a motor vehicle, Bay Breeze Drive

Tampering with a vehicle, Stonegate Way

Hit and run, Bridge Road

Brandishing a firearm, Godwin Boulevard

Theft from a motor vehicle, Sports Club Run

Animal bite, Holbrook Arch

Simple assault, Whaley Street

Hit and run, Brook Avenue

Hit and run, North Main Street

Hit and run, North Main Street

Possession of marijuana, County Street

Destruction of property, Nixon Drive

Hit ad run, Brookwood Drive

November 26

Simple assault, Equinox landing

Hit and run, Freeney Avenue

Petit larceny, Glasgow Street

Destruction of property, South Capital Street

Sexual battery, location withheld

Motor vehicle theft, Gateway Drive

Abandoned vehicle, Breezeport Way

Simple domestic assault, River Creek Crescent

Lost or stolen, Kilby Avenue

Traffic hazard, Kensington Boulevard

Possession of heroin, Wilroy Road

Elude police, Bute Street

Aggravated assault, Causey Avenue/Smith Street

Hit and run, Bridge Road/Townpoint Road

November 27

Hit and run, Franklin Street/East Washington Street

Breaking and entering residential, Ridley Street

Natural death, Buckhorn Drive

Runaway juvenile, Forest Oak Lane

Shoplifting larceny, Godwin Boulevard

Shoplifting larceny, North Main Street

Lost or stolen, Holland Road

Counterfeiting, Harbour View Boulevard

Hit and run, Hampton Roads Parkway/College Drive

Destruction of property, Reid Street

November 28

Petit larceny, Carolina Road

Runaway juvenile, Braebourne Court

Destruction of property, Harbour View Boulevard

Runaway juvenile, Catapult Court

Nonreportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Driving under the influence of alcohol, Wast Washington Street/North 6th Street

Hit and run property damage, Route 58

Simple domestic assault, East Washington Street

Vandalism of private property, York Street

Hit and run property damage, Orchard Avenue

Simple assault, River Creek Crescent

Destruction of property, Chisholm Lane

Abandoned vehicle, Woodhaven Drive

Simple assault, Kissimmee Avenue

Murder/nonnegligent manslaughter, Cogic Square

Lost or stolen, Harbour View Boulevard

Recovered stolen auto, Hosier Road

Shooting into an occupied dwelling, Nevada Street

Weapons law violation, Lake Cohoon Road

Hit and run, Cogic Square

Destruction of property, Kissimmee Avenue

Aggravated domestic assault, Kissimmee Avenue

Simple domestic assault, Greenfield Crescent