Leave Virginia’s small online businesses out of an in-store issue

Published 8:21 am Saturday, February 26, 2022

To the editor,

I love what I do. It’s so fulfilling to know that the safe, nontoxic skincare I sell online can make a real difference in our health and well-being.

But if our Virginia legislators pass SB 341, I might not be able to feasibly continue pursuing my passion. This bill could make selling to my out-of-state customers nearly impossible by piling on even more restrictive regulations for online shops like mine to keep up with.


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Recent updates abroad have already cut me off from selling internationally. I don’t know if I can afford to lose another channel of business.

And why should I have to? I understand lawmakers’ concerns about retail crime in our community, but potentially kicking my homeopathic skincare business off the internet just isn’t the answer.

Please, leave us online sellers out of this in-store issue. Vote no on SB 341.


Guerry Grune

Virginia Beach