Police reports for March 31- April 3

Published 5:23 pm Tuesday, April 5, 2022

The following information comes directly from the City of Suffolk Department of Media and Community Relations.


March 31


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Nonreportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Threaten to burn, Henley Place

Simple domestic assault, Kirby Avenue

Nonreportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Simple assault, Kilby Avenue

Runaway juvenile, Crown Arch

Simple assault, Kilby Avenue

Violate protective order, David Lane

Lost or stolen, Holland Road

Theft from a motor vehicle, Hillpoint Boulevard

Destruction of property, Godwin Boulevard

Theft from a motor vehicle, Quintessa Ridge

Vandalism of public property, Nansemond Parkway

Grand larceny, Tree Lane

Theft of a motor vehicle, Litton Lane

All other larceny, Fulcher Street

Destruction of property, Shoulders Hill Road

Credit card/ATM fraud, Saint James Avenue

Indecent exposure, Wexford Drive East

Lost property, Meade Parkway

Assault by a mob, Graystone Terrace

Simple assault, Kings Fork Road

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Pintail Drive

Littering, Stonehenge Drive

Nonreportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Missing person, River Bluff Drive

Simple domestic assault, Day Street

Destruction of property, Ash Wood Drive

Extortion by threat, Meridian Obici Way

Contributing to the delinquency of a minor, Nancy Drive

Identity theft, Holland Road

Fugitive (out of state), Holland Road

Forcible rape, location withheld

Nonreportable offenses, Hosier Road

Nonreportable offenses, Finney Avenue

Shoplifting larceny, Bridge Road

Petit larceny, Hosier Road

Simple assault, Greenfield Crescent

Simple domestic assault, Woodlawn Drive


April 1

Simple assault, Magnolia Street

Assault a police officer, Woodlawn Drive

Tampering with a vehicle, Hillpoint Boulevard

Simple assault, Magnolia Street

Hit and run property damage, Holland Road/Kenyon Road

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, East Constance Road

Petit larceny, Townpoint Road

Animal bite, Nansemond Parkway

Simple assault, Culloden Street

Hit and run property damage, Portsmouth Boulevard

Simple assault, Kenyon Road

Possess/sell/distribute drug paraphernalia, Centerpoint Drive

Weapons law violations, Godwin Boulevard

Nonreportable offenses, Godwin Boulevard

Hit and run property damage, Pruden Boulevard

Shooting at an occupied vehicle, Wilson Street

Hit and run, East Constance Road

Shooting into an occupied dwelling, Wilson Street

Hit and run personal injury, Market Street

Armed robbery, Freeny Avenue

Petit larceny, Brook Avenue


April 2

Nonreportable offenses, Nixon Drive

Fugitive (out of state), Brook Avenue

Sexual battery, location withheld

Missing person, Blythewood Lane

Larceny from coin-op machine or device, East Washington Street

Recovered stolen property, Holland Road

Simple assault, University Boulevard

Lost or stolen, University Boulevard

Destruction of property, Mckinley Avenue

Aggravated domestic assault, Kings Highway

Discharge firearm in public, Smith Street/Wellons Street

Breaking and entering a shed, Factory Street

Simple assault, West Constance Road

Hit and run property damage, Breezeport Way

Overdose, Old College Drive

Petit larceny, Clarys Drive


April 3

Simple assault, West Washington Street

Simple assault, Lee Hall Avenue

Indecent exposure, Ibis Boulevard/Pitchekettle Road

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, Forest Oak Lane

Hit and run, Cogic Square

Nonreportable offenses, Mintonville Point Drive

Brandishing a firearm, North Main Street

Theft of motor vehicle parts or accessories, East Washington Street

Animal bite, Nansemond Parkway

Hit and run, Cedar Street/Fayette Street

Nonreportable offenses, North Main Street

Runaway juvenile, Manning Road

Abandoned vehicle, Route 58/Route 58 Ramp

Undetermined death, Mill Point Court