Land Transfers for April 1 – 7

Published 7:12 pm Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Land Transfers for April 1 – 7

NVR Inc to Katrina West; 405 Patriots Walke Drive; $502,650

Russell A Alves to Rosa Caridad Parham; 125 Green Spring Drive; $215,000


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Theodore L Hunter to Keiyannah N Warren; Southwestern Boulevard; $20,000

Larry J Pennington TR ETC to Brian Keath Combs II; 1268 Old Somerton Road; $399,000

Austin K Sybert to Johnathan D Mashburn; 308 Waters Edge Lane; $230,000

Christianne Nesbitt to Iris Ibay; 8089 E Riverview Drive; $545,000

Benjamin M Morgan to Michael Johnson; 2375 Cherry Grove Road; $475,000

Dean L Palokangas to Joseph Ray Hagan; 6439 Old Townpoint Road; $257,650

Lawrence E Wilder to Shaishav J Patel; 3019 N. James Drive; $815,000

East Coast Development Group to Derrick Call; 4507 Shannon Lane; $665,000

Taylor Construction LLC to Patrick Baker; 111 Affirmed Drive; $484,665

Jeremy Weaver to David A Doty; 567 Sweatt Road; $411,800

Ann C Crusenberry to Lauren Gurcze; 1511 Griggs Street; $230,000

Jamisen Omar Baskerville to Jacob Shetter; 203 Teal Court; $275,100

N & N Land Company to Image Home Development LLC; $340,000

William G Davis TR ETC to Michael Bungori; 3505 Lingfield Cove; $402,000

Jeremiah Shallcross to Daniel A Creel; 811 Rilee Drive; $270,000

A One Properties LLC to Todd E Drummond; 1149 Little Fork Road; $442,517

On It Property Investments LLC to William Jerome Pleasant; Woodrow Avenue; $25,000

Ashdon Builders Inc A Virginia Co…Richard Mark Wardell; 5060 Riverfront Drive; $673,391

Joseph Anthony Demarino to James A Blickle; 5305 Sports Club Run; $374,000

Donald Z Goldberg to Crystal Turley; 404 W Riverview Drive; 435,000

Edward S Pak TR ETC to Diem Mi Do; 3009 Bay Shore Drive; $370,000

Larry M Eatton Jr to Laura S Jones; 1030 Snead Drive; $368,800

Barbara A Bear to Schaubach Rentals LLLP; 1046 Carolina Road; $175,000

Wirth Holdings LLC to Christina Anne Becker; 1035 Egret Lane; $491,612

NRGC Development LLC to Hannah C LLoyd; 110 Peck Lane; $356,937

Travis U Geroge to Terris J Gamble; 3559 Golden Maple Drive; $349,000

Martha V Parsons to Trinity Acres LLC; 1801 Pittmantown Road; $60,000

Adam S Evans to Jeffrey L Cash; 307 Crown Arch; $466,000

Amanda L Reith Divisee to Trenise D Robertson; 1001 Bay Breeze Drive; $346,000

Deborah Littlefield to Joycelyn G Fleming; 5041 Riverfront Drive; $425,000

Forrest Brian Smith to Edward Worthington; 2617 Little John Road; $425,000

William Clyde Griffin to Suffolk Benton LLC; Judkins Court; $867,100

Jay R Enterprises LLC to Jesse Travis Dugan; 533 Chisholm Lane; $191,000

Cody J Heist to Bruce J Brown; 302 Delaney Drive; $300,000

Sandra Antonia Herek to Nhat Xuan Ho; 3400 Holland Road; $54,900

Karen R Carnegie Esquire Admin to Diana M McGee; 305 N 5th Street; $135,000

Leny Santiago to Crystal Marie Island; 4162 Pritchard Street; $256,000

Michelle C Dulay to Augustina T Nguyen; 6025 Green Ash Court; $279,000

NVR Inc to Ryan K Williams; 225 Republic Lane; $512,990

Sergio Quintero to Crystal L McNamara; 5035 Huntclub Chase; $346,000

Monta Bivins to CP Realty LLC; 1101 Railroad Avenue; $35,000

Roger T Hall to Daniels Construction Corp; 178 Collins Road; $45,000

Jevone Gray Heir to Zeal Investments LLC; 2221 Florida Avenue; $115,000

Katherine J Holland to Stress Les LLC; 3528 Bridge Road; $220,000

Lake Meade Va LLC to Demetress Turner; 166 Preserve Way; $511,201

Eric S Conroy to Jane C Wilson; 2736 South Nansemond Drive; $320,000

Ashdon Builders Inc to John P Buelow TR ETC; 109 Beautyberry Court; $562,521

Ruben A Reyes to Ruben A Reyes; 6078 Mainsail Lane; $1

Everett Brower Jr to Cherie Yvette Hollins; 117 North 4th Street; $115,000

Anthony Edward Davis to Mary Jane P Walters; 627 Battery Avenue; $210,000

Parker Crossing LLC to Paul T Masterman; 2723 River Watch Drive; $629,900

Dixon Michael Rollins Revocable to Donald Z Goldberg; 408 West Riverview Drive; $635,000

Anthony C Damerow Wallace to Andrew L Barnhart; 2524 Whaleyville Boulevard; $365,000

Bank of America to New Day Holdings LLC; 204 Katherine Street; $105,000

Martin E Lee TR ETC to Jason A Hensley; 5013 Westfalen Court; 4451,550

Bryan L Beltinck to RSL Homes LLC; 1615 River Creek Drive; $225,000

JCAL Investments LLC to Carmen W Wilson; 2825 Holiday Point Drive; $305,000

Tulashi R Dahal to Alexander D Theurer; 5097 Kings Grant Circle; $375,000

Velma Outlaw to Woochan Kim; 529 Kissimmee Avenue $40,000

Bennetts Creek Quarter LLC to Martha A Veal; 1019 Paragon Way #D; $440,260

Micahel C Center to Ahmet Saglam; 6712 Braebourne Court; $375,000

David J Lorenzo to Federal Home Loan Mortgage; 212 Bank Street; $184,519

Brinson Ambitions LLC to Neisheeka Pryor; 218 Wellons Street; $254,900

Kinue Basnight TR ETC to Michael A Rogers Sr; 9104 River Crescent; $585,000

Daniels Construction Corp to Christine Alexis Moorehead; 5989 Indian Trail; $428,525

James R Phelps to Ranchel Elaine Reynard; 120 Withers Street; $250,000

Griffin Properties LC to Gabino Dominguez; 29 Cherry Grove Road; $167,900

Christopher J Flynt to Autumn Nicholas; 5066 Kings Grant Circle; $360,000