It’s up to God to change the climate

Published 6:39 pm Tuesday, May 3, 2022

To the editor,

The New Living Translation Bible has many verses where it is written that God is causing to happen or causing to stop happening the various climate conditions that are in this world that are talked about in the Bible. Freezing, lighting, storms, floods, cloud burst, thunderstorms, hailstorms, whirlwinds, rainbows, winds, earthquakes, windstorms, snow, thick clouds, summer, winter, typhoons and others.

And it is my opinion that no human being or trillions of dollars will ever be able to change the climate. Only God can do that. You can make the air cleaner by not burning tires and make the rivers cleaner by not dumping sewage into them and other things that may improve air and water quality, but you can’t change the climate. This can only be done by God.


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Shelton S. Webb Jr.