Letter – Landscape has changed for women on reproductive issues

Published 8:30 pm Friday, September 23, 2022

To the Editor:

On Sept. 15, I had the opportunity to attend Virginia Organizing Grassroot Gathering Reproductive Justice workshop. There were about 40 people at the workshop. One of the questions was: What does reproductive justice look like to you? The answer was the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.

Ever since Roe vs. Wade was overturned, I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that courts and politicians would interfere with women making decisions about reproduction.


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Even through Virginia has abortion laws that support women if they want to have an abortion. What about other women in other states that have made it illegal for abortion. Did you know our own Gov. Glenn Youngkin has stated his support for a 15-week abortion ban and put together a work group to draft and carry the bill in the 2023 session? He further said he will sign any bill banning abortion that makes it to his desk — whether a 15-week ban, 20-week ban, or an absolute ban.

I’m glad we have Rep. Elaine Luria representing the women in my district. She is for women making their own decision about abortion. I never thought I would see this day. Thank you for being the women’s voice in a time like this.

Cleo Johnson

Virginia Organizing

Chapter leader for Suffolk