Land Transfers for Nov. 11-17

Published 4:09 pm Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Wirth Holdings LLC to Terrance L. Mitchell; 1014 Egret Lane; $595,299

Judith M. Eure to Joshua A. Levierge; 211 Grace Street; $175,000

Michael A. Garcia to Suffolk City of; 8643 Crittenden Road; $25,000


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Wanda King to Stephen J. Farmer; 6373 Scottsfield Drive; $265,000

Freedom Properties Investments to Tier Ra R. Brister; 1815 East Washington Street; $295,000

James H. Durden Jr. to Michael Reginald Smith; 307 Fuller Street; $258,000

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Outstanding Homes Inc.; 1518 Lake Speight Drive; $50,700

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Modern Design Builders LLC; Lot 9 Maple Street Pughsville; $10,100

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Flying Falcon Investments LLC; Part of Lots 1, 2, and 15 Block D Crocker Plat; $17,800

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Latreva S. Mitchell; 215 Knight Street; $11,300

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to William L. Pleasant; Lot 28 Boston Park; $10,200

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Hardik Patel; 12.00 Acres Union Bag Manley Copeland Civil Law Case 3 22-995; $57,000

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Hastings and Sons LLC; 0.73 Acre On South Quay Road Duck Hwy 189 Howell Civil Law Case No. 21-2579; $16,100

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Nissi Real Estate LLC; Lot 14 Block 12 Saratoga Civil Law Case No. 22-616; $9,500

Arnisa Ward to Fred D. Walker; 124 Day Street; $30,000

Northampton Associates LLC to Tammy K. Armstrong; 1012 Strawberry Court; $526,950

Sarah M. Johnson TR ETC to Theresa C. Williams TR; 1828 Bay Lane; $277,900

Eric Dean Crawford to Toney Hughes; 6607 James Point Court; $385,000

Lee Daves Culberton to David John Gimenez; 107 Davenport Court; $300,000

Flip Our City Inc. to Adriana Kay Dodson; 131 Beechwood Drive; $221,000

Clarence H. Brooks SPL COM to Flying Falcon Investments Equity; 605 Great Fork Road; $45,600

Gary R. Dooley to Craig Livingston Johnson; 4256 Butler Drive; $172,000

BCQ Towns LLC to Kimisha Whitney; 1001 Opal Street; No. 100; $369,160

Ale Nation LLC to Nino M. Nelson; 604 Matthews Court; $140,000

T Bracey Smith TR ETC to Jackson Berg; 913 Dutch Road; Parcels 1 and 2 Along Route 633; $284,500

Maurice J. Holland to Brady A. Harmon; 120 Mistral Terrace; $365,000

Mary O. Winstead to House Buyers of America Inc.; 133 Whaley Street: $160,000

Lotz Farm Inc. to American Towers LLC; 4684 Shoulders Hill Road; $425,000

Black Tip Associations LLC to Bruce Wayne Edwards; 908 Freeney Avenue; $239,900

Village Pointe LLC to Village Pointe Construction LLC; $576,000

Mark Cormack to William C. Trollinger III; 3599 Pittmantown Road; $215,000

Black Tip Associates LLC to Anne Hernandez; 1306 Bethlehem Street; $284,400

Village Pointe Construction LLC to Vonita Williams; 111 Honor Lane; $357,445