Sports update

Published 6:13 pm Tuesday, April 4, 2023

NSA holds off North Cross, 9-8, in lacrosse


Nansemond-Suffolk Academy varsity boys lacrosse team defeated North Cross School, 9-8, Friday, March 31.


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Howard Casterlow scored the game winning goal in overtime, according to Head Coach and NSA Athletic Director T. W. Johnson Jr. Cooper Goss led the Saints with three goals and Max Russell recorded 18 saves. This was a rematch of the 2022 VISAA Division 2 state championship game.


KFHS girls defeat Franklin in tennis, 6-3


King’s Fork High School girls tennis claimed a 6-3 win over Franklin Friday, March 31.

In singles play, KFHS picked up four matches:

  • Nakari Blunt vs. Mykria Barrett, 8-3, winner KFHS 
  • Leah Stewart vs. Aniyah Vaughan, 8-3, winner KFHS
  • Makiya Wright vs. Jaida Jackson, 1-8, winner Franklin 
  • Johana Edwards vs. Alanna Boone, 1-8, winner Franklin 
  • Maya Satchell vs. Harmony Clide, 9-7, winner KFHS 
  • Jasmine Lawrence won by default, 8-0, winner KFHS

Doubles play saw King’s Fork claim two out of three:

  • Nakari Blunt and Leah Stewart vs. Mykira Barrett and Aniyah, 8-3, winner KFHS 
  • Maya Satchell and Makiya Wright vs. Jaida Jackson and Alanna Boone, 2-8, winner Franklin
  • Johana Edwards and Makiya Wright won by default, 8-0, winner KFHS 


King’s Fork High School boys tennis suffered a shutout, 0-9, in its meet with Oscar Smith High School Monday, April 3.

In singles play, Oscar Smith won all six meets:

  • Evan Croley vs. Jon Bonenfant 1-6,3-6, winner OSHS
  • Charles McClain vs. Eddie Smallwood 0-6, 1-6, winner OSHS
  • Shamar Jiggetts vs. Joe Lee, 4-6, 2-6, winner OSHS
  • Brandon Farmer vs. Aaron Tso, 2-6,2-6, winner OSHS
  • Default, winner OSHS
  • Default, winner OSHS

KFHS also lost its three matches in doubles play:

  • Croley/McClain vs. Bonenfant/Smallwood, 2-8, winner OSHS
  • Jiggetts/Farmer vs, Lee/Tso, 1-8, winner OSHS
  • Default, winner OSHS

0-9 Oscar Smith WINNER


Oscar Smith claims win over KFHS girls tennis


Oscar Smith High School dominated play in a Monday, April 3 meet with King’s Fork High School girls tennis, with an 8-1 victory.

In singles play, King’s Fork claim one of six matches:

  • Nakari Blunt vs. Katy Simmons, 6-3, 6-1, winner KFHS
  • Lecah Stewart vs. GiGi Kruk,  4-6, 3-6, winner OSHS
  • Olivia Hodouto vs. Ava Parker,  0-6, 3-6, winner OSHS 
  • Maya Satchell vs. Hanna Sprague, 0-6,0-6, winner OSHS
  • Johana Edwards vs. Carrie Brown, 1-6, 0-6, winner OSHS
  • McKayla Carter vs. Allisa Edmond, 0-6. 0-6, winner OSHS

Oscar Smith picked up all three wins in doubles play: 

  • Nakari Blunt and Leah Stewart vs. Katy Simmons and GiGi Kruk, 7-9, winner OSHS 
  • Olivia Hodouto and Maya Satchell vs. Ava Parker and Hanna Sprague, 0-8, winner OSHS 
  • Johana Edwards and McKayla Carter vs. Carrie Brown and Allisa Edmond, 0-8, winner OSHS