Cheer Fund donation honors men essential to Suffolk’s growth

Published 6:39 pm Tuesday, November 14, 2023

When local Real Estate Broker and Chorey and Associates Realty, LTD owner Billy Chorey handed a check to the Cheer Fund for $2,000, it was not just for him but in memory of two people he felt made Suffolk better. 

Those two people are Jack Nurney and John C. Harrell. For Chorey, these two individuals not only meant a lot to him but to his hometown as well. Both men were heavily involved in civic and charitable organizations and are credited with significantly changing Suffolk.

“​​Those two guys specifically, they made a huge difference in the way that I view the city,” Chorey said. “The way that they help the city and the way that I want to be also in my life being here. There are people around the city over the years that I’ve seen with complete integrity who gave sacrificially their time and talents to make this a better place to live and I’ve had the privilege of knowing some of those people, and I think it’s a good time to honor folks like that made a difference in my life, and hopefully other people will do the same thing.”


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For Chorey, the Cheer Fund represents more than just helping children in need at Christmas time.

“When I think about the Cheer Fund, I think about a mechanism or a platform that not only contributes to a great cause to help children in need at Christmas time but also a way to acknowledge and commemorate or reflect upon those people that made a difference in my life,” Chorey said. “It’s a way that I can honor and memorialize those people that made the city better, simultaneously helping kids to have a great Christmas. There are a lot of great causes out there, but this is one way locally that focuses entirely on giving in the city of Suffolk at the same time, acknowledging those that made the city a better place to live that are no longer with us.”

Please send your donation payable to the Suffolk Cheer Fund to:

Suffolk Cheer Fund

c/o Margie Wiley

P.O. Box 1411

Suffolk, VA 23439

You may also stop by Ferguson Rawls & Raines, 332 W. Constance Road, Suffolk, VA 23434. Please call 757-539-2400 before bringing your check, or stop by the Suffolk News-Herald at 157 N. Main St. in downtown Suffolkor on our website, With permission, a photo can be taken as you are presenting your donation.