Carter’s Furniture: Big changes ahead after six decades in service

Published 10:46 am Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Everything must go at Carter’s Quality Furniture. In an Oct. 31 announcement on its official Facebook page, the furniture store announced that its Warehouse Showroom Building, located at 189 E Washington St, will be closing after 65 years of service to the community. The building has been sold to Roberts Furniture and Mattress.

Despite this announcement, this is not the overall end of Carter Quality Furniture. The Quality Furniture Building on 186 E Washington St will continue serving the Suffolk community by selling specialty goods. Carter Quality Furniture President Donald D. Carter Jr. talked about what his shoppers can expect from his store in the future.

“They can expect us to remain in business on this side carrying specialty merchandise such as area rugs, vintage furniture, vintage antiques, glassware, pieces of interest,” Carter said. “But primarily, just a smaller variety of items. Unfinished furniture in particular.”


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Carter also noted plans to renovate the upstairs part of his building to be rented out as apartments. In the store’s history, Carter says that his father and uncle opened the store in 1958 in the same Quality Furniture Building he is operating today.

“In 1984, we bought the building from across the street from Mr. H.I. Jaffe, who had owned it for many years. We had also had stores in Portsmouth, Virginia for many years and Ahoskie, North Carolina, for many years,” Carter said.

Roberts Furniture and Mattress President Jay Roberts will serve as the new owner of the Warehouse Showroom Building. Owning six stores, Roberts says he will assume this store as their seventh. He talked about his team’s plans following closing out all the merchandise from the warehouse.

“After we’ve done that, we’re going to remodel the store. New floors, new paint, we’re going to be able to make it where we will be able to go upstairs. So, we’ll have 25,000 square feet of furniture,” Roberts said.

Roberts says that with everything being marked on sale, deliveries are also available for customers.

“We will probably try to get the furniture out within a month or so, or sooner. The sooner the better so we can make room to do our remodeling efforts,” Roberts said. “We still have payment plans through vendors, and we take Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express, Apple Pay …” 

Regarding what products residents can expect, Roberts says people will see similar products, including England Furniture, Craft Master, and Vaughan-Bassett Furniture.

“We carry dining rooms, bedrooms, a large assortment of recliners,” Roberts said. “Reclining sofas, we have a huge selection of mattresses and curios, accent cabinets, tables … Complete furniture store.” 

On what Roberts would like readers to know, he said this.

“We’re excited to be here. It seems very vibrant,” Roberts said. “People seem very nice, and it fits perfectly. We’re a local company, a little bit out of our zone, but we can give total local business comfort with quick delivery, and we service what we sell.”

For more information, go to or call 757-539-3355