An 80-year-old woman was charged with reckless driving after hitting the IHOP on North Main Street and shattering the window. A woman and her granddaughter got minor cuts.

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Car hits IHOP restaurant

Published 10:56pm Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Folks at the North Main Street IHOP had a few scary moments Wednesday afternoon when a car hit the building and shattered a window directly above a table where customers were seated.

No one was seriously injured during the incident, but Toni Elkin and her 7-year-old granddaughter, who had just sat down at the table, were shaken up and had small cuts on their heads and hands.

“I didn’t even realize what hit us,” Elkin said. “I look over and I see glass all over, and there’s a car right there.”

Elkin’s daughter and son-in-law had taken her grandson to a doctor’s appointment, and she was treating her granddaughter to IHOP. However, the two wound up taking home a free funny-face chocolate pancake and drinks from the restaurant.

Manager Shanta Fields witnessed the accident as she was walking in for her shift.

“It seemed to me like she was trying to park straight, but she gave it too much gas,” Fields said.

City spokeswoman Diana Klink said the 80-year-old driver, Lois Custer, of Suffolk, was charged with reckless driving on private property. Damage was estimated at $5,000.



    This is my favorite spot to sit in the restaurant. Thankful that no one received serious injuries.

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  • Savannah Gal

    “80-year-old driver..”

    My husband was rear-ended 2x last year by elderly drivers who couldn’t tell the difference between the brake and the gas. Both at red lights (stale ones for that matter). One didn’t even bother showing up to court for his reckless driving charge.

    There needs to be more laws in place for the driving elderly than what the DMV states there is

    When you look, all it really states is that 80+ require a vision test:

    Who cares if they can see if they are so nervous they move at a snails pace, change lanes without looking because, hey, they turned on their blinker, or can’t merge onto the freeway without casing serious issues for those behind them and oncoming traffic. Worse, the gas pedal is NOT the brake and one day, “I’m sorry, I got confused, Officer” just won’t make up for the loss of a life.

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