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Thankful for being a Democrat

Published 9:11pm Friday, November 30, 2012

To the editor:

I tried to wait until all the dust had settled. But after the election, it seems as though the right-wing Republican Party and the crazy Tea Party will never shake the dust off their feet.

First, I give thanks to God for giving us back President Obama to lead this country for four more years. Also, thanks to all who played a part in re-electing him and his fellow Democrats.

As a Christian, I must also congratulate those of the other party for their accomplishments in the elections. But I also feel I must say that never in all my years of participating in politics have I heard such mean and hateful things as those things that were said and many of those that were done to this president. Yet President Obama showed the God within him by not responding to all that garbage that was thrown at him.

I sometimes wonder why there are still people who believe in the dirty, low-down, street-fighting behavior that has been demonstrated to President Obama. During this election, we saw our president hung in effigy. Are we regressing as a people?

I thought those who helped run this wonderful country God has allowed us to live in are supposed to be educated, intelligent and able to tolerate whatever may confront them.

Our forefathers, and our God, would not be proud of our leaders’ inability to respect each other’s differences and their unwillingness to find some common and sensible ground to solve this country’s problems.

Just saying “No,” as the Republican Party did for the last four years in an attempt to defeat President Obama, has resulted in hurting millions of Americans who have lost homes and jobs, when positive action and consensus-building was needed.

From what I’ve seen for the past couple of years, I’m wondering if the Democratic Party is the only party with good common sense related to other human beings. Remember, we are all humans, created by God — regardless of how others may see us.

If all Christians who really know the Bible would only heed it in a Christ-like way, we all would be much better off. We are all God’s children, whether we are good, bad or otherwise. But with all our good, we are still as filthy as rags in God’s eyes, so we all need to straighten up and act like Christians.

Who knows whether President Obama was chosen by God to lead our country? We should be careful when we try to step all over him or any other human being.

This country belongs to God and God alone, not to us. So respect it and love one another.

I’m so thankful for being a proud Democrat.

Lucille Dildy



    Ms. Dildy and Don,

    I haven’t weighed in on this site in quite some time, however, it is refreshing to weigh in at a time where “opinions” can be shared and responses are respectable.

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  • Donald

    Ms. Dildy,

    I will share that at first that I initially had a quite lengthy response to your comments but admittedly hit the delete button as it all boiled down to the following few thoughts.

    1) I am exceptionally glad that we live in a country that allows us the freedoms to hold our own beliefs politically and spiritually along with the ability to espouse them publically.

    2) It is dangerous to point out a speck in another’s eye when you yourself have a log in your own. – Remember the Pharisees….

    3) We should let the entirety of scripture to direct our life and not pick and choose those portions that we like.

    4) Remember that the Father provided the Nation of Israel a King after they rejected His Kingship and it was devastating to the nation (King Saul). Also remember that He allowed leaders and enemy nations to rise up and rule over the nation as punishment for their continued rejection of Him.

    Don Roberts
    Suffolk, VA

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    • chief601

      It is indeed a blessing to live in a country where all can express their thoughts. I wish the person you helped elect felt the same way.

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