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Stop shielding wealthy people

Published 6:25pm Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To the editor:

I am one of the fortunate ones. I was able to hold on to my job during this tough economy. I realize how lucky I am. I also know that my fortune could change in an instant.

So now comes the news that my taxes might go up because Congressman J. Randy Forbes is using my family’s budget as a bargaining chip to try and get more tax cuts for the wealthiest people in this country. 
Right now, I can afford my mortgage and my bills, but I certainly have not been taking vacations or eating out as I once did. I am also trying to save so that my daughter can attend college.

A tax hike would mean another strain on my already tight budget that I can’t afford. 
Remember me, Rep. Forbes, when you are asked to hold my family budget hostage to cut taxes for the super-rich.

I work hard, I am trying hard and I vote.

Dorothy Waddell


  • dollyb12

    Till the day I die, I will still be racking my brain trying to figure out why the majority have voted in this country for a socialist environment. Hopefully, I will not live long enough to have to fear the SS and be forced to live under a Hail, Hitler power.

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  • catman2

    It really amazes me how many people think that taxing the wealthy more is the right thing to do. We all play by the same rules and if you lose, you should pay the consequences.

    I don’t like it that we really do have some poor folks among us. Sadly, though, it has always been that way and it always will be that way. If we can help people improve their lot or if we can provide some safety nets, I’ll all for that. But we all lose when our government with all of its bureacracy thinks that all you need to do is provide more programs. More programs, more waste and more corruption.

    Give the Dems credit. They have created a population that has created a truly socialist country. Those Dems will be forever in power because they know how to buy votes.

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  • MrJiggyFly

    Based on Ms. Waddell’s letter, she obviously has no idea what the true function of our government is and how our capitalism-based economy are supposed to work together. Throw in some envy and viola, you have the Ms. Waddell’s of world. She has no moral compass when it comes to taking from others just because they make more money than she does. Scary.

    For the past four years the Obama administration and his minions have attacked and cultivated a war on people who work hard, are financially savy and mold themselves into a successful and productive influence in our country. He could care less about the middle-class. His idealogy since his college days is a two-class system; the elite (politicians & higher acadamia) and the workerbees (former middle-class). The parasite (those drunken by entitlements) will not have a class.

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  • dollyb12

    thekytikat, thanks so much for replying. I agree with everything you have said, and my husband & I are delighted to meet someone who mirrors our thoughts exactly. We just cannot figure out why so many people look up to President Obama.

    KNRMCO, you took the words right out of my mouth. Now the government wants to take what we have paid into our Social Security and put the money where they want it instead of where it belongs – in my bank.

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  • thekytikat

    FWIW – Randy Forbes and the GOP in the House of Representatives have passed several bills that would prevent the Fiscal Cliff. They even passed a bill yesterday that is almost identical to one that Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi proposed back in June – one which raises taxes on the so-called “super rich.”

    It’s the Democrat-controlled Senate, led by Harry Reid, who is refusing to take action. Sen. Harry Reid has not allowed any of the Republican plans to floor of the Senate, not even when Senate Minority Leader McConnell sold out conservatives and offered several concessions.

    On top of that, President Obama has said he will veto Pelosi’s plan, aka Boehner’s Plan B. Not that he will have to since it can’t get past his gatekeeper in the Senate, Harry Reid.

    Don’t blame Randy Forbes or the GOP for this mess. Remember, the BUSH tax cuts went into effect under a GOP president, and the current GOP has tried, and tried, and tried again to negotiate. Pretty hard to do so when the other side flat out refuses anything you offer just because it comes to you.

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    • dollyb12

      The Republicans refuse to accept Obama’s plan to increase taxes on those who make over $200,000 or $250,000. Boehner agrees to increased taxes for incomes over $1 million. Why don’t they just meet somewhere in the middle and use $500,000 as the magic figure for tax increase? Compromise is what it’s all about and people don’t seem to know how to do that anymore. Why should the middle class bear the burden? Some of us can’t even find a job after being let go from our previous jobs.

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      • thekytikat

        Because President Obama’s idea of “compromise” is for the GOP to surrender and do whatever he wants, that way he can blame them when it fails, or blame them when they don’t “compromise.” Either way they will get blamed.

        Yet people don’t seem to understand that The GOP-controlled House has put out several budgets, but the Democrat-controlled Senate refuses to take up any option the House sends them. Harry Reid won’t even allow the bills to the floor of the Senate for a vote.

        But it’s all the Republican’s fault. /eyeroll

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      • KNRMCO

        My husband & I have WORKED 35 plus years to get to the income level we are currently at and enjoy. Why should WE be penalized by paying higher taxes because of OUR hard work & our income bracket? No one gave us any breaks along the way & we worked long & hard, with many separations along the years. So because we took no hand outs from Uncle Sam & if we couldn’t afford it we did without, this is our REWARD for doing well? I think not. Flat tax for EVERYONE!

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