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Time for the line-item veto

Published 10:46pm Monday, January 7, 2013

To the editor:

The fiscal cliff and Hurricane Sandy relief bills that were passed recently were filled with added pork.
Members of the legislative bodies are nothing but a bunch of prostitutes, selling out to lobbyists for their personal gain, especially campaign dollars.

For years, various presidents have called for the line-item veto without any success. The good ol’ boys enjoy being able to do anything they want.

It  is time for change! It is time to rein in the members of the both houses of Congress to be reined in, and its members should be made to pay for their benefits like ordinary citizens. In fact, it’s time to do away with perks like lifetime pensions and so on.

Legislators want to gut the military, Social Security and Medicare, but they give millions of dollars to movie studios and producers, to rum companies and more.
It appears that when bills are proposed they are not read in their entirety, so pork sneaks in under the wire.
The time has come to institute the line-item veto.

Tom Lord



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