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Woman charged with child neglect

Published 10:10pm Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A Suffolk woman has been charged with child neglect after refusing to let her son back in the home after an argument.

Linda Ann Jones, 35, was arrested Saturday after officers responded to her home in the 6800 block of Crittenden Road on a report of a domestic disturbance.

Officers were met by Jones upon their arrival, according to city spokeswoman Diana Klink. Jones said she and her juvenile son “were in a verbal altercation and that he had been very disrespectful to her and acting out and that he was not allowed back in her home.”

Police told her several times that she could not deny her son shelter, Klink said.

“She advised she didn’t care and that officers could take her to jail,” Klink said.

She was transported to the magistrate’s office, where a warrant was obtained for child neglect. She was processed and released on bond.

  • suffolk legal

    haha…my mom used to lock us out of the house all day (except to come in and use the bathroom). Otherwise, we would be inside watching tv for hours. I do the same to my boys. its not like she put him out in a blizzard. Good grief. the irony: just this weekend the same law enforcement was called to cogic sq THREE times, and there was still a murder, with the suspect on the loose. funny how they managed to stop this horrible criminal for putting her child outside.

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    • suffolklady

      “Its not like she put him out in a blizzard.” I totally agree!

      Was it the “child” who called the police? Was the “child” also talked to by the police about being more respectful to his mother? It’s no wonder that some parents are afraid to discipline their children. I have no doubt there are two sides to this story – and the mother was likely at her rope’s end!

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    • pumpn_fe

      I totally agree. Obviously it’s the police’s fault that the animals in cogic couldn’t go a weekend without shooting one another. Especially while the police were dealing with this nonsense on crittenden rd. at least this way they only had to go there once and someone went to jail instead of having to go there 3 times and someone still dying.

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  • Marie

    It is truly a shame, that nowadays there is no legal consequences to deal with a unruly/disrespectful child; other then to say please behave yourself. To do anything else is considered a crime. Yet people can’t see why children are becoming more and more disrespectful, why should they be? They are being shown everyday that they have more rights then the parents who have the responsiblity of taking care of them; and who ultimately take the blame for what the child does wrong but doesn’t have control over what they can do to correct it. The disrespect is starting younger, its being learned early that “you can’t touch me”.. Thumbs up to the mom who was trying to teach her son that its not okay to act any kind of way.

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    • StJohnsRector

      Not a question of meting appropriate punishment on her child. The question at hand is locking the child (certainly under age 18 and likely younger than that) out of the house and refusing to let them back in – even when the police told her the consequences of her actions. I agree she should be treated respectfully but refusing to let her child back in the house is something completely different.

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