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Lake Prince Woods should pay fair share

Published 8:46pm Saturday, August 31, 2013

To the editor:

The City Council has to stand up and just say no to any more tax exemptions for organizations in Suffolk.

Lake Prince Woods is a large organization that should pay its fair share. They charge their tenants for the apartments and houses there, in addition to monthly rent and other expenses.

This is not a charity, and they should pay their fair share of taxes.

We property taxpayers will have to pick up the slack in the budget due to the loss of these revenues if Lake Prince Woods is granted a break on real estate taxes.

I believe all property tax exemptions now allowed in Suffolk should be reviewed every year to ensure that all exempt organizations still qualify.

Tax-exempt organizations should voluntarily send the city monetary contributions each year, since they receive fire and police and other city services.

William H. Harward



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