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Blessed to be alive

Published 10:01pm Friday, October 4, 2013

To the editor:

I count it a blessing every day that I can stand on my feet and walk my dog, Oreo.

I was told five years ago that I would never walk again and that I would wear a colostomy bag the rest of my life. I just celebrated my 54th birthday with family and friends Sept. 2, 2013, at the Holiday Inn Express. I never would have made it without God and my family and friends, especially my daughter Tria, who stuck with me from the beginning to where I am right now.

I never thought my daughter would have to take care of me because I would always take care of her. She has really been a blessing to me and our family.

She did things a normal person wouldn’t want to do. When I was 50, I wouldn’t eat anything. I had a feeding bag. When I was 52, I had one of the best birthday parties. This year was one of the best parties because, in spite of everything I have been through, I’m still here. I might walk slowly, but I realized I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. That’s what’s keeping me going. Fasting and praying helps a lot.

I thank God for Pastor Evelyn Square and the prayer warriors. We are online Monday through Friday 6:45 until 7:20 because prayer makes a big difference. Prayer is the key to the kingdom, and faith unlocks the door. If you want to join us, you can call 605-475-4000, code 1014910. This will make your day every day.

Trina Artis



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