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Community service could change kids

Published 10:54pm Friday, November 15, 2013

To the editor:

I believe America and its law-abiding citizens have had enough of hoodlums running wild and the government not doing anything but subsidizing them.

We have to start somewhere, but the problems are so big and so widespread no one knows where to start.

I am starting with today’s hoodlums, who could become tomorrow’s leaders if this works. My plan would keep these children off the streets and learning a lesson, rather than running wild and unsupervised in our neighborhoods. This plan also would hold the parents of these children responsible for their actions.

If a child is suspended from school, he would be put into a community-service suspension program. This program would take place within the schools and during school hours. They would ride the bus to school as normal, sitting directly behind the driver.

Upon arriving at school, they would report to the head of maintenance, where they would be issued a bright safety vest and then put to work assisting with the care and maintenance of the school properties or loaded on one of the buses and sent to tend local parks, the police station, fire stations or other public properties.

The bright vest would let everyone know these children had broken the rules and were paying for their poor judgment. The vest would be worn from the time they get on the bus until they get off.

Should the child fail to show up for the community-service suspension program, the parent or parents would be picked up and forced to serve in place of the delinquent child. Holding all parties accountable is key; a child is a product of his or her environment.

The only expenses to this program would be the vests, which I would gladly purchase, the fuel and cost of a driver when they are leaving school property and a police officer to accompany them.

I believe these small costs would be offset by the funds saved by the police not having to respond to calls from frustrated citizens and by the city staff not having to put forth as much labor to maintain our community’s public properties.

Please let me know your thoughts at

Kathleen Kerschl


  • So What

    Why endanger a school bus driver and other kids? provide transportation via of local police on duty in a patrol car. then bill the responsible adult lol in charge for gas and time by weekly pay check deduction or unemployment or from bet card and no community service to be performed in the school that the kid aka victim attends.that defeats the purpose. they his classmates might consider it an accomplishment and not punishment

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  • chief601

    Because this is a great idea it will never happen. You might get some school support if they get more money. You will be sued by the ACLU and every other anti American organization out there just for starters. The main reason for all the opposition is that it might work.

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    • So What

      CHIEF the money would come from where dc? ur right on one point dc would never back this kind of program, Al, Jesse and Oprah would call it racist

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      • chief601

        “CHIEF the money would come from where dc? ur right on one point dc would never back this kind of program, Al, Jesse and Oprah would call it racist”

        Your point is a good one. It is my opinion that school tax money should never go past the state capitol. Nobody can screw up things worse that the feds. Get rid of DOE and let the states set their own rules. It’s their job. Of course, I know teacher’s unions and greedy politicians will never allow that to happen. Perhaps a reasonable fee can be charged to the parents. That might get them interested in the little thug’s education. This will never happen so I haven’t put much thought into it. Just saying the person had a good idea.

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