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A city where people can’t do math

Published 10:21pm Thursday, April 10, 2014

To the editor:

Another year of budget talks and another year of fraud. Once again our city officials are telling us they plan on spending 50 percent of the budget on education, and once again, the numbers show them as liars.

This year’s total budget calls for $539 million with $151 million allotted for education, which works out to 28 percent of the total.

During last year’s budget farce, the city showed the public the budget allotted 50 percent of expenditures for education. The total budget was $514 million, with $144 million allotted for education, which worked out to 28 percent of the total.

The year before that the City claimed 50 percent of expenditures were for education. The numbers showed a total budget of $508 million, with $196 million allotted for education, which works out to 39 percent. Better, but still not 50 percent, and it shows school funding is decreasing, while total budgets keep increasing.

Is it just a coincidence that our city government is underfunding education while committing fraud? Maybe it is all part of a master plan to create a city where the people just cannot do math.

Chris Dove


  • So What

    its that new core value math 2+2 no longer = 4 it could be what ever you want it to be as long as you can uexplain how you came up with the answer. its also like two accountants apply for a job with the city when the manager says what does 2+ 2 =..applicant 1 says 4..applicant 2 says what do you want it to say?

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  • Michael

    Sorry Chris, more like $13 million for school’s debt service.

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  • Michael

    Good job holding our elected official’s “feet to the fire”. Citizens of Suffolk need to stay engaged. However, your numbers are a little confused. The General Operating Fund Budget (for day to day operations) is about $180 million and schools will receive about $50 million + whatever is needed to service the school’s debt (approx. $35 million). That’s where the 50% comes from.

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    • Chris

      Interesting, where are you getting the numbers from? Also is the debt $13m or $35m? The budget only shows $27m consolidated debt. The 50% is the total budget not only the General fund and some mysterious debt value added that exceeds the total debt services for the city.

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