Palin creates exciting race

Published 11:04 am Sunday, September 7, 2008

I can’t remember being more excited about a presidential election. I actually found myself enthused and entertained after hearing vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin talk about the difference between hockey moms and bulldogs – lipstick. I’ll admit, I’ve fallen victim to the allure of Palin’s fiery take on politics and beginnings from a small town like mine. From the tabloid frenzy to her direct and vocal stance against the democrats, love her or hate her, you’ve probably taken notice of the phenomenon that’s followed Palin.

Her mere presence and alignment with Sen. John McCain has provided much needed hope to the Republican Party, although, they could well regret having a tandem like McCain and Palin in the Whitehouse, if it ever happens. The GOP has been facing the worst approval rating in years and needed a fresh injection of something different. It’s safe to say they got just that and probably more with Palin.

Not to discount Sen. Barrack Obama, as he has also taken the nation by storm with his “Star Power.” Although, I question if he would have as much momentum without the support of Oprah, he has done a great job of instilling hope in many folks who without his eloquent speeches would otherwise not have any. Obama has the support of many middle-income families and has the benefits of the unsatisfactory performance of the last eight years in D.C. I am still scratching my head, though, from his vice-presidential nomination and can’t figure out how Sen. Joe Biden fits into the “Change” theme Obama has been spreading.


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Both parties are spreading campaign promises that most common sense will tell you isn’t realistic in a four-year term in the presidency. Getting through the rhetoric and finding the truth is always the challenge in weighing who will be the right person to lead our country. To their benefit, most of that rhetoric is made with the best intentions, but history will tell us that even being the president doesn’t guarantee you get what you want.

The announcement of Palin has closed the gap between McCain and Obama according to the recent Gallup polls. If you turn on any of the news networks or check their Websites, you can’t avoid hearing or reading about the woman from Alaska. Although the media started harassing her about her family decisions and lack thereof, they are now pronouncing her to be politics saving grace.

I don’t see a clear-cut winner yet, vying for the highest seat in the land and expect we won’t know for sure until the day after the election. But for me, this is the most interesting and exciting presidential election I’ve been part of.