In response to the letter to the YMCA

Published 9:52 pm Monday, September 8, 2008

I was surprised and embarrassed when I came into the YMCA one day and saw a police officer on duty; you would think that this was one place that you felt safe and didnTt have someone watching over you and that you could come to relax and distress your day.

I am a person of color. Before you further criticize the management of the YMCA and play the race card, I just ask you to spend one or two days at the ?oY? when the young teenagers are there. I think you will witness what some of the complaints are about. Believe me, I have been a member there for about five or more years and for the last two years things have really changed. I have been annoyed by the loudness, the playground atmosphere, rudeness and the disrespect that have been displayed among some of the young people that are hanging in the corridors of the ?oY?. That is not management, whether you are 2 to 91 there is no excuse for the disruption that is going on there. When you are paying a healthy price for activities and you can?Tt exercise in peace, having to step over bodies and listen to the profanity that is coming from these persons. Something should be done about it. I don?Tt even want to see their under wears. I have spoken to some of them myself!


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the disturbance. I don?Tt think the purpose of the ?oY? is to hang out or to meet girls or boys. I have also witness things at the pool that should not be. Please read the mission statement or the purpose of the ?oY?. These kids are not involved in any planned activities or programs for guidance. Remember you have families trying to provide and to promote healthy environment and recreation for their children. Before we criticize the establishment, try to guide our young people to be more respectful of themselves and others.

Barbara Doughty