New schedules and class names

Published 12:27 pm Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Suffolk Family YMCA Group Exercise fans may have noticed that we have a new schedule with new class names this month. Don’t worry though; your old favorites are still on our schedule. The YMCA of South Hampton Roads has developed class names and descriptions for all of our classes to insure that no matter what facility you work out at you will know exactly what type of class you are taking. For example, our core and more class is now called abs and more and body design is now strength and tone. Taking a group exercise class can expose you to different styles of cardio and weight training that you might not otherwise discover while exercising on your own. Classes also offer a great opportunity to make new friends who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, which in turn can help keep you motivated toward reaching your fitness goals. There are three basic types of group exercise classes.

Spirit, mind and body classes focus on both physical and mental well-being. Y-Pilate’s is a form of group exercise that builds strength and streamlines muscles from the core (think abdomen) out by combining breathing techniques, calisthenics and stretching. Yoga, like Pilate’s, strengthens and streamlines the body, but yoga focuses on concentrated breathing, stretching and toning while moving from one yoga pose to the next. There are many forms of yoga and at the Suffolk Family YMCA we offer a standard yoga class suitable for all members and an advanced yoga class that is held a few times per month for members who wish to challenge themselves with more difficult yoga poses.

Cardio based group exercise classes focus on improving cardiovascular strength. Cycling is the most popular cardio class at our family center. Cycling is performed on a stationary bike and is suitable for all fitness levels. We also offer step classes with choreographed cardio workouts on a step, kickboxing and hip hop classes where members use martial arts or dance moves to increase their cardiovascular strength, and deep-water aquacise that provides an incredible cardio workout in the pool. All of these classes focus on cardio strength, but also improve muscle tone and conditioning.


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Non-aerobic group exercise classes focus on strengthening the body. Abs and more is a 30-minute class that uses exercises to strengthen and tone the mid-section or core of the body. This class is great for members who want to strengthen their stomach and back muscles. Strength & tone is a powerful class that uses exercise equipment like hand weights, tubing and balls to work the entire body in a group exercise environment. This class really takes the solitude out of weight training so it is great for you social butterflies.

Each type of group exercise class has wonderful health benefits and is free with your YMCA membership. For a complete listing of the Suffolk Family YMCA’s group exercise classes please visit our website at I hope to see you in our group exercise classes soon!