Spinning, blunders and a few errors

Published 10:33 pm Thursday, September 11, 2008

This presidential election has been filled with spinning, blunders and a few errors here and there. To give the candidates some benefit, it’s important to realize that after speaking at hundreds of engagements in front of thousands of cameras, there are bound to be a few slip-ups with their dialogue.

A spin that seems to be out of control is the recent comment from Sen. Barack Obama where he references “putting lipstick on a pig.” Although the cliché has been used countless times, even in McCain speeches, now that Gov. Palin is on board as a vice-presidential nominee, the comment is a direct attack at Palin, right? Seriously, though, who would think that Obama is so dense that he would purposely say something to offend female voters? When it comes down to it, he needs their votes just like his Republican counterparts do.

This is typical political spinning that we as voters must look past. Obama’s vice-presidential nominee, Sen. Joe Biden, perhaps has made the biggest blunder of the campaign to date by asking a man, who was bound in a wheelchair, to stand up for applause. Correcting himself, Biden quickly asked others to stand up for the gentleman. The national media, though, is having a field day on this verbal mistake and the pig line from Obama.


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Not to fear, though, McCain and/or Palin will say something they too will regret in the coming weeks and the media will quickly attack.

What’s important is to look past the spinning and the mistakes made while these candidates speak. Make sure you understand what your presidential and vice-presidential nominees stand for and what you think they will be able to accomplish before going to the polls. Don’t let a one-liner dictate how you vote.