Wahlstrom is a write-in

Published 9:59 pm Saturday, September 13, 2008

Starting with the News-Herald’s coverage of the 2008 mayoral election last Sunday, the paper has been naming seven candidates in this race.

Throughout the week, many have called in with complaints that this is not an accurate representation of the number of candidates because Deborah Wahlstrom is a write-in candidate. She failed to meet the criteria by the deadline to make it on the ballot.

While we recognize that Wahlstrom’s name will not be on the ballot, we feel it is necessary, for our coverage purposes, to consider her a viable candidate. It is also necessary to explain our reasoning as we delve into election coverage in the coming weeks.


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We made this decision because she is running an open campaign that has garnered the endorsement of the Suffolk Republican Party.

We feel it is in the best interest of our readers that they be educated on the positions, opinions and priorities of all their potential leaders.

For this reason, all of the candidates’ responses to the News-Herald’s mayoral questionnaire will be posted online and available for readers to access at any time throughout the weeks leading up to Election Day.