An inspirational club

Published 9:00 pm Saturday, September 20, 2008

Television show host Oprah Winfrey has inspired many women to good deeds.

Right here in Suffolk, she inspired several women to form a club that has been a source of friendship for them.

On March 7, 2003, Winfrey broadcast a segment about how women should take time to meet, share friendships, and re-energize themselves. Several women in Suffolk saw it and decided to emulate the idea.

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These women already met occasionally on an informal basis, led by LaVerne Flythe. In their meetings, the women discussed the Bible, talked about their problems, and encouraged each other. They also served the community by visiting people who were sick and in nursing homes, making Christmas baskets for the residents, and leading activities for the residents to do.

With the idea from Winfrey’s show, the women decided to form a formal group. Flythe called the group “Friends Christian Club,” and the group took off.

Five years later, the group is up to more than 20 members, and meets once a month to encourage each other. They also hold events like banquets and mother/daughter teas. They raise money each year to support Alzheimer’s research and give scholarships to local college-bound students.

“We socialize, sing songs, have spiritual inspirations,” Flythe said of the meetings. The women are invited to share stories that will edify the group. The members also attend each others’ churches occasionally to show support for the other women.

“There was a vision given to me from God to have something here in the city that wasn’t like any other club,” she said. “To see women come together and be able to talk regardless of what’s going on in life.”

Gathering with other Christian women is a good thing for people to do, Flythe said.

“There’s a joy, a peace, a serenity,” she said.

Any Christian woman in the city who wants to get involved in Friends Christian Club should call 934-0341.