Murder suspect appears in court

Published 9:29 pm Thursday, October 23, 2008

A man charged with fatally shooting a teenager near downtown in February 1994 will be arraigned in Suffolk Circuit Court on Oct. 30.

Alim Naqi An’nur, also known as Shane O. Whitfield, made his first court appearance Wednesday, for appointment of a lawyer, since his Oct. 7 arrest.

An’nur, 32, who had been in custody in Alexandria since his arrest, arrived at Western Tidewater Regional Jail late Tuesday.

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An’nur is accused of shooting Domoniky Mizzelle, 15, on the corner of Factory Street and Kissimmee Avenue, allegedly after a drug deal soured, according to court records. He is charged with first-degree murder, use of a firearm in the commission of murder, shooting from a vehicle and shooting in the commission of a felony.

A grand jury handed down sealed indictments charging him with the crimes last month.

The case was unsolved for more than 14 years, until a witness went to authorities in July.