9-year-old brought knife to school

Published 10:50 pm Monday, November 3, 2008

A 9-year-old Suffolk boy took a knife to school on Friday to try to scare off bullies, authorities say.

The student, who attends Creekside Elementary School, took a steak knife to school in his bookbag, said Debbie George, city spokeswoman. He showed it to another student, and that student told a teacher, she added.

According to the police report filed on the incident, the boy brought the knife to school “because he was having some trouble with bullies and he wanted to scare them.”

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The school division is following policy and recommending the boy for an administrative hearing. At the hearing, all factors will be taken into account when deciding what action, if any, to take, said Bethanne Bradshaw, spokeswoman for Suffolk Public Schools.

There are several signs of bullying that parents can watch out for, according to kidshealth.org. Your child might be:

Acting differently

Seeming anxious

Not eating

Not sleeping well

Not doing things they used to enjoy

Avoiding certain situations, like taking the bus to school or skipping a certain class

Coming home hungry when you packed a lunch or gave them lunch money

Faking illness to avoid going to school or staying at school

Getting unexplained bruises or other injuries

If you find out your child is being bullied, call a school principal, teacher or counselor.