Health department cuts hours

Published 9:10 pm Monday, November 17, 2008

Suffolk residents needing clinical services at the Health Department on Fridays now will have to travel to Smithfield or Courtland to get them.

Due to state budget reductions, the Suffolk Health Department no longer is offering services such as family planning, immunizations, prenatal care or STD treatments on Fridays.

The services will, however, be offered at the Isle of Wight Health Department and the Southampton County Health Department on Fridays, and will remain available in Suffolk Monday through Thursday.

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“With the state budget reductions, we’ve done more service consolidations,” said Lisa McCoy, the director of the Suffolk Health Department. “There are certain clinical services we won’t be doing here in Suffolk, but (patients) can be seen at other health departments if they need it on that day.”

McCoy said she’s not concerned about people having to drive to another location, saying most people would likely be able to get the service on another day of the week.

“I think initially that may be a situation, but people are very flexible,” she said. “If someone does just really need a service on Friday, we have visits in Isle of Wight or Southampton.”

The Suffolk location will continue to offer non-clinical services, such as environmental health, vital statistics and WIC, on Fridays. All health department services will remain available Monday through Thursday between 8:15 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

For more information, call the Suffolk Health Department at 686-4901. If you need services on Fridays, contact the Isle of Wight Health Department, 402 Grace St., Smithfield, 357-4177, or the Southampton County Health Department, 26022 Administration Center Drive, Courtland, 653-3040.