The great responsibility of parenting

Published 9:16 pm Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The News-Herald has had plenty of child-related stories on its pages this week, though not of the kind that highlight the innocent and frail personalities of the children. Rather, the stories we are referencing tell us about the visible inadequacy that succumbs many parents.

One recent story was about a man who left his three-year-old daughter in a vehicle unattended while he shopped. Upon arrival back to his car, he was fortunate enough to find police officers watching over the girl. The unfortunate possibilities, which could have happened to this little girl, outweigh the fathers reasoning for leaving her unattended.

Another story, told us a much more horrific case. It was the recent arrest of a father and mother concerning the death of their infant baby. The couple also had two other children, but thankfully those children were removed from the home.

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There are child tragedies every day across our country and even within our city limits. There also are challenges in preventing child abuse or neglect. Most any one can have a baby, regardless of their qualifications or intentions. There is nothing that can be legally done to ensure only good people can become parents. Makes one wonder if the ease of becoming a parent coupled with minimal accountability doesn’t influence the continuing challenges our communities face.

Parenting is a great responsibility. Those who aren’t up to the task should be held to the strongest of penalties.