Alcohol and driving shouldn’t mix

Published 10:11 pm Saturday, December 27, 2008

This should be a merry time for everyone. That’s not the case, though, for at least two families as a result of car accidents. In both accidents, driver inattention seems to have been the cause, Debbie George, Suffolk’s spokesperson said.

During this festive season vehicle fatalities are on the rise. Sadly, most of those accidents could have been prevented with better decision-making. Although the aforementioned accidents haven’t been associated with alcohol, drinking and driving is by far the biggest culprit to taking lives during the holiday season.

Those whose plans include alcohol should be smart and make arrangements to ensure safety not only for themselves but those other innocent victims on the road.

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Those who have long distance traveling plans, should realize that frequent stops, although doing so delay ones arrival time, improves safety.

This time of year is special, is a time of reflection and looking forward. Celebrating the New Year encourages parties, social events and more. Show some intelligence this New Year’s and help prevent unneeded accidents.