Alleged nip joint shut down

Published 10:43 pm Thursday, January 15, 2009

A 68-year-old Suffolk man was arrested Wednesday on charges of running a shot house at 307 North Lloyd St.

Albert Urquhart was charged with maintaining a common nuisance, selling alcohol without a license and possession of cocaine after an investigation concluded with the serving of a search warrant at his home on Wednesday, according to Suffolk spokeswoman Debbie George.

Police found a small amount of cocaine, along with 85 beers and four bottles of liquor in the home, George said. They also found cups and other items that would have been consistent with serving alcohol by the drink.

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George said police had learned that Urquhart was selling cans of beer for $1.25 apiece. No prices were available for liquor shots, she added.

The investigation began after neighbors complained about “activities that presented a problem” taking place in the home, she said.