Suffolk proves its value

Published 11:46 pm Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It’s all about value. At least that’s one reason the management at SPARTA Composite Products gave for choosing Suffolk as home to the company’s new manufacturing facility. The company’s new facility is expected to result in a $13.2 million investment along with 198 new jobs.

“We explored many possible locations around the country, but the commonwealth of Virginia and specifically the city of Suffolk offered the best overall value to our business case,” said Paul Oppenheim, vice president and general manager of SPARTA Composite Products.

It is reassuring to know that Suffolk and the commonwealth of Virginia are competitive when it comes to attracting new industries. Without a doubt, Suffolk has been on the radar of many businesses, and the proof lies in the fact that Suffolk continues to be in the top 10 fastest growing cities in Virginia in recent years.

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SPARTA will manufacture composite parts for the aerospace and defense industry. The Suffolk plant will complement operations in San Diego, where employees make advanced composite products for aircraft engines, aircraft structural products, unmanned aerial vehicle components and missile and munitions products for the U.S. military.

The company expects its $13.2-million facility to be operational in December, with hiring expected to begin by the third quarter of this year. The 198 projected jobs would be created over a five-year period. All of those jobs are welcome, considering the rising jobless rate.

Suffolk isn’t immune to the economic sorrows that face the country, but Suffolk is proving that competitive incentive packages, coupled with an excellent quality of life, can help ensure the city’s long-term success.