An open approach to planning

Published 9:50 pm Saturday, April 4, 2009

The city’s police department is looking for help from the community in developing a strategic plan to help determine opportunities it will encounter and challenges it will face in the coming years.

Facing a period of adjustment with the forthcoming hire of a new chief, the department can use all of the help and community support it can get in developing a master plan for improvement. To that end, the department has put out a recent call to the city’s businesses, community organizations and other stakeholders asking for their input during a workshop Thursday morning at the city’s Economic Development Office.

It’s not the first time Suffolk police have developed such a plan, but in light of the changes the department faces, this one could be more important than ever before. Setting priorities before a new chief comes aboard will help ensure that the new top cop has a firm understanding of what’s important to the community.

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It would be easy for the police department to conduct the review that serves as the basis for the plan entirely as an internal matter. The fact that it didn’t do so inspires further confidence that the department strives to serve the community its officers are paid to protect. Suffolk residents, business owners and others with a connection to the city who have suggestions for the department would honor its open approach to the process by participating in it on Thursday.