City’s restaurant are a great asset

Published 8:45 pm Wednesday, May 6, 2009

An oft-ignored measurement of a city’s economy is the vitality, quality and variety of dining opportunities. It’s easy to understand the relevance of the housing market and the importance that sales tax numbers have when working to attract new businesses to the city of Suffolk. But there are other quality-of-life indicators in Suffolk that can be almost as important to prospective employers or residents. Ranking high on that list is the superb quality of restaurants within the city limits.

Suffolk is becoming well known for its splendid class of dining venues. Due to its location within Hampton Roads and the easy drive from nearly anywhere in the region, the city is reaping the benefit of having visitors come to spend their money in the city.

Suffolk’s restaurants — with their great service, quality food, inviting locations and top-notch menus — have done much to put Suffolk on the area’s map. Establishments like Vintage Tavern, Sushi Aka, Pisces and more have garnered awards within Hampton Roads and even across grander stages. As a case in point, the Vintage Tavern, since opening in 2006, has been named the Best Restaurant in Norfolk/Virginia Beach by Open Table Diner’s Choice List, as well as the 2007 and 2008 Award of Excellence winner from Wine Spectator Magazine.

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The Vintage Tavern is an excellent example of a business contributing to the quality of life for residents of Suffolk. Along with its numerous counterparts, the Vintage Tavern has become a great asset to people who live in Suffolk.