A partnership grows

Published 10:44 pm Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Suffolk business community found a partner in the Greater Suffolk Council three years ago. Today, that partnership has grown exponentially. The GSC has increased membership and established credibility throughout the community by their actions and willingness to foster support for the central commercial core business district, an area roughly bounded by West Washington Street and the Route 58 bypass.

The group has garnered notoriety by carrying out a first-class New Year’s Eve party the last two years as well as conducting the Second Tuesday event, which appropriately takes place on the second Tuesday of each month. The council celebrated the third anniversary of the event this week. Furthermore the meetings are hosted by businesses, which are involved with the GSC while simultaneously providing an opportunity for sponsors to showcase their professions. As well, the gatherings open the lines of communication for business executives to converse about various challenges and opportunities and perhaps more importantly develop relationships with their peers.

In addition to the events put on by the Council, the organization also provides a monthly e-newsletter informing hundreds of Suffolk business owners and leaders about the events and business opportunities within their network. The Council, in addition to the e-newsletter, hosts a Web site, www.greatersuffolk.com, which promotes their members and activities.

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Indeed the GSC has become a staple in the central commercial core these past three years and all indications point toward the Council becoming a valuable resource for the city of Suffolk. With the weary economic times weighing heavily on the business community its encouraging and appreciative to have an association working on and for their behalf. By working towards a good business environment, the GSC is fostering Suffolk’s quality of life.