Man in burglary had knife

Published 10:38 pm Thursday, June 25, 2009

The man who broke into the J&L Food Mart in Whaleyville Sunday morning was wearing camouflage and carrying a knife in a sheath, a hat light and almost $100 in cash.

Ernest Roop, 38, died just after 4 a.m. Sunday morning, when he was shot four times through a window by the store’s owner, James H. Durden Jr. Durden, who lives within sight of the store, went to investigate when his alarm system alerted him to motion and noise in the store.

A search warrant filed Wednesday says police also found two bullet jackets, $5 on the floor behind the counter, and folding knife on the counter by the register. Police have been unable to determine if the folding knife belonged to Roop, said city spokeswoman Debbie George. Police also seized a crowbar found in the store, a money box, security tapes, clothing, cigarettes and a lighter, according to the search warrant.

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A separate search warrant sent police to Durden’s home to look for evidence of the security system, and collect any tapes or recordings attached to it. Police took photos of the interior of the home, but did not seize anything, the warrant indicates.

After the police investigation of the incident is complete, the information will be forwarded to the Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office for determination of charges.