Street name meetings planned

Published 6:13 pm Saturday, July 4, 2009

City officials are planning community meetings in some North Suffolk neighborhoods to discuss possible name changes for roads in the area.

During a periodic review of city’s road system, city officials identified five different sections of Townpoint Road and three different sections of College Drive, all disjointed from one another. The roads were severed during the construction of Interstate 664 and the Western Freeway, said Scott Mills, director of planning and community development.

Townpoint Road’s five sections include one between Pughsville Road and Bridge Road; one between Harbour View Boulevard and the city line with Portsmouth; two different, disconnected sections in the Huntersville community; and a small cul-de-sac north of Bridge Road.

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The three sections of College Drive include the old alignment, in the Wynnewood community; the new alignment, mostly adjacent to the old; and a smaller section south of and disconnected from the first alignment.

Mills told City Council during a Wednesday work session that the conflicts should be addressed to provide better service by public safety personnel and delivery of goods and services. He added that people who live nearby already know some sections of the roads as “Old Townpoint Road” and “Old College Drive.”

Councilman Jeffrey Gardy asked if a public hearing would have to be held prior to renaming the streets. Mills said that community meetings, if not formal public hearings, would be desirable.

“Certainly before we move to that process, we would want to work in the community and have public involvement,” he said.

Councilman Leroy Bennett strongly suggested that community meetings be held.

“I strongly recommend that we do have community meeting with the residents up there that will be affected,” he said.

The meetings have not yet been scheduled, but will be listed in the Suffolk News-Herald when they are announced.