City manager releases nonprofit funding recommendations

Published 10:57 pm Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Half the organizations that applied for funding from city coffers will be receiving money, if council members accept the city manager’s recommendations.

In a memo to City Council, City Manager Selena Cuffee-Glenn recommended that 15 of 30 organizations be awarded money from a pot of $225,000 that was approved in the fiscal year 2009-2010 budget process. The process, which differed from past years, was part of “appropriate streamlining” of past city practices, Cuffee-Glenn wrote.

The organizations requested a total of $729,000, meaning the requested amount had to be cut by nearly two thirds. Amounts awarded ranged from $1,000 up to $38,000.

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Several organizations, including The Genieve Shelter, ForKids, the Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project, Western Tidewater Free Clinic, the CHKD child abuse program and the Suffolk Literacy Council, were the victims of the reduced funding, receiving no money from the pot, according to the memo.

However, the Genieve Shelter, ForKids, the Southeastern Tidewater Opportunity Project and the Western Tidewater Free Clinic are receiving money from other resources, including Community Development Block Grants and HOME Investment Partnership Grant funds, according to city officials.

A city committee comprising the city manager, the chief of staff, the budget director, the director of parks and recreation, and the director of social services used criteria such as proof of nonprofit status, nature of service, local funding ratio, matching funds, board membership and financial management to determine the recommendations, according to a memo to the City Council. Leaders from each requesting organization were invited to meetings to present their funding requests to the committee.

The process differed from past years, when the funding recommendations were included as a part of the city’s overall budget. This time, however, the $225,000 pot was allocated within the budget process, and the funding amounts were determined later.

Suffolk Festivals, whose board includes the city manager and the director of parks and recreation, will receive $38,000 out of a $50,000 request. It was the largest dollar amount recommended, but other organizations received a larger percentage of their requested amount.

Those that received 100 percent of the requested amount were the Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia ($15,000); South Hampton Roads Resource Conservation and Development Council ($3,000); Substance Abuse and Youth Council ($1,000); Suffolk Clean Community Commission ($15,000); Suffolk Nansemond Historical Society ($10,000); and Virginia Legal Aid Society ($4,326).

Many of the organizations that were turned down for funding — including the Tim Reid Scholarship Fund, Youth of America and Suffolk Literacy Council — did not address how they met the funding criteria, according to the memo.

Funding recommendations are as follows:

Black Expo

Requested: $6,500

Recommended: $0

CHKD Child Abuse program

Requested: $15,000

Recommended: $0

Children’s Center

Requested: $37,925

Recommended: $27,925

Eastern Virginia Medical School

Requested: $76,586

Recommended: $0

Endependence Center

Requested: $30,000

Recommended: $11,850

Food Bank of Southeastern Virginia

Requested: $15,000

Recommended: $15,000

For Kids (Center for Hope & New Beginnings)

Requested: $40,000

Recommended: $0 ($25,000 CDBG)

Genieve Shelter

Requested: $25,000

Recommended: $0 ($25,000 CDBG)

Hampton Roads Sports Commission

Requested: $9,552

Recommended: $0

Paul D. Camp Community College

Requested: $10,000

Recommended: $0

Peanut Soil and Water Conservation District

Requested: $20,000

Recommended: $10,000

Providential Credit Care Management

Requested: $5,000

Recommended: $0

Riddick’s Folly

Requested: $62,125

Recommended: $35,725

Senior Services of Southeastern Virginia

Requested: $58,583

Recommended: $19,674

Sister Cities Commission

Requested: $15,000

Recommended: $5,000

South Hampton Roads Resource Conservation and Development Council

Requested: $3,000

Recommended: $3,000

STOP Organization

Requested: $10,433

Recommended: $0 ($98,317 HOME funds)

Square One

Requested: $10,520

Recommended: $0

Substance Abuse and Youth Council

Requested: $1,000

Recommended: $1,000

Suffolk Clean Community Commission

Requested: $15,000

Recommended: $15,000

Suffolk Festivals

Requested: $50,000

Recommended: $38,000

Suffolk Fine Arts Commission

Requested: $13,950

Recommended: $8,500

Suffolk Literacy Council

Requested: No amount given

Recommended: $0

Suffolk Nansemond Historical Society

Requested: $10,000

Recommended: $10,000

Tidewater Builders Association

Requested: $60,000

Recommended: $20,000

Tim Reid Scholarship Fund

Requested: $15,000

Recommended: $0

Virginia Legal Aid Society

Requested: $4,326

Recommended: $4,326

Western Tidewater Free Clinic

Requested: $100,000

Recommended: $0 ($60,000 CDBG)

Youth of America

Requested: $9,500

Recommended: $0

Downtown Athletic Association

Requested: $18,875

Recommended: $0