Citizen support of police is essential

Published 8:34 pm Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The job of protecting and patrolling our city cannot be the job of our police officers alone. The job of ensuring safe communities – communities where families can be nourished and lives enhanced – cannot be the lone responsibility of city services alone.

No, that job — a job well done — is the responsibility of every citizen who calls Suffolk home.

It is a fact Suffolk is the largest city in Virginia in land mass, and with that size come challenges for our police officers to be everywhere all the time. They must rely on vigilant residents to notify them of problems and give them updates when such is necessary.

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With a city that is growing like Suffolk, the challenge of being everywhere all the time grows tougher each day. And the importance placed on community partnerships increases along with that challenge.

There is little doubt today’s police force is one of the most qualified and well-trained in years. But, the best training and best equipment is of little value when the community is not a partner in providing the quality of protection and security we all deserve.

The upcoming National Night Out — an event that emphasizes the partnership between communities and police forces — is a fantastic event and one that should be supported and attended by everyone.

We continue to applaud and support the National Night Out events and hope that the relationship between our police force and our community continues to improve. Our well-being might well depend on it.