Home and Garden Q&A

Published 6:24 pm Saturday, August 29, 2009

Melvin Hodges, pictured with his wife, Mary, and grandchildren, Zyra and Thomas Hodges, inherited a tree from his mother when his grandmother passed away. He didn’t know the type of plant that it was, but quickly named it his “Mom Tree.”

The tree has grown more than nine feet tall, and has caused many of his neighbors to ask for his gardening tips.

Q: Were you planning on it getting this big?

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A: My grandmother had one and mother has one, and it’s never been like this. I was taking over what she did, but I got a passion for it. I didn’t use no fertilizer or nothing, I would just come out here every evening and water it.

Q: When did you notice that it was growing extraordinarily?

A: Last year, I realized it was getting taller than me. Then, so many people would come by and ask about it and say how amazing it was. I don’t know how, but mine just kept growing. I’m not going to say I know how it did, but I just kept taking care of it. I’m going to let it go and see how high it’s going to grow.

Q: What do you like about gardening?

A: I just have a passion for it. You can see the butterflies flying around with the bees. I just love it. I love seeing all of nature come out. It’s very relaxing.