Eure raises money with pickles

Published 8:14 pm Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jean Eure has raised more than $250 for Providence United Methodist Church by selling pickles. The church has an annual “Parable of Talents” fundraiser, where church members are encouraged to think of ways they can use their gifts to raise funds for the church. Eure decided to make her mother’s recipe for pickles.

Q: Where did you learn how to pickle?

A: From my mother, years and years ago. I’m 71 and I have been pickling on my own since I was 30. I use her recipe, and they’re so good, they’ll knock your socks off.

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Q: How did you get the idea to sell your pickles for the church?

A: Well, different people do different things, and I thought people just don’t make these anymore. They are a lot of work. It takes 24 hours to make six or seven quarts, and then you’ve got to start all over again.

Q: How many quarts did you make?

A: 40. There are still some left, if people want any.

Q: Why do people like pickles?

A: You know, people just don’t make them anymore. Mine are extra crispy and sweet and they’re just so good.