Mazur rewrites lyrics

Published 9:41 pm Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jody Mazur is the director of education and community outreach at the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts.

Q: What is your favorite leisure activity?

A: Retail therapy. I also rewrite lyrics to songs.

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Q: Why do you like retail therapy?

A: Because it’s very positive. I find that it’s kind of like how you’re given a crossword puzzle. You walk into the situation and it’s full of possibilities. Everything that you look at, whether it’s from clearance items that you can make into something or give to somebody as a gift. It’s not necessarily that I buy anything, but it’s creative. It’s stimulating. All these things come at you but there’s no pressure. It’s almost like solving a puzzle but it’s also very relaxing.

Q: Why do you think the Suffolk Center for Cultural Arts is a good leisure destination for area residents?

A: Because there really is something for everyone. The one thing I really love about this particular building, because it’s an old school, automatically when you walk into it, it’s familiar. When you walk into this building, it’s familiar in the sigh and the feel and the smell, things that most of us grew up with. Everybody went to an older school at some point. There’s brick, there’s marble, it’s just a tactile place, almost a visceral reaction. You walk into this building and automatically you’re welcome. No matter where you go there’s something to pique your interest. Much like the reason I like shopping, it is full of opportunities. There is no reason that anything you want, you can’t have here.