Time to thank those in news

Published 8:53 pm Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Much like the famous quote, the reports of our death are far too premature.

For years a changing media world and the cutback on advertising dollars has dramatically impacted the newspaper industry. Newspapers have had to focus their attention on ways to become more efficient, more competitive on the Web and discover new ways to distribute news to its readers.

So-called experts wrote newspapers had seen their best days and were on the way out. Today, we can say nothing is further from the truth.

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As newspapers mark the annual National Newspaper Week, we do so with the understanding that we are smarter, stronger and more dedicated today to our core mission of serving our community than ever before.

As for Suffolk, we have remained focused on finding ways to better serve our community, better distribute the news and develop ways to find those stories everyone is talking about.

This week serves as a time for us to thank those who work so hard to produce and deliver your daily newspaper. It is also a time for us to thank those whom the newspaper is produced for.

Without our readers, without our neighbors, this newspaper would not be what it is today and would not have the extremely bright future it has.

This week is also just another opportunity for us to rededicate our commitment to our community – Suffolk – that we will work everyday to be your newspaper, to be something you are proud of and something you will talk about.

And, we’re not finished yet.