Authority is common sense

Published 9:32 pm Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It is often common sense to determine what you are good at and continue doing it and knowing what you are not good at and quit.

It seems the Suffolk City Council is adopting the common sense policy in looking to switch operations of the Suffolk Executive Airport over to an airport authority. Again, know what you are good at.

Since the airport was turned over to the city after World War II, the city has operated it as another department of the city. And in that time, admittedly by some, the airport has failed to meet its potential.

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Now, members of the council are discussing an idea that could give the airport a chance to grow and, in turn, provide an economic engine the city has never truly cranked up.

Councilman Robert Barclay IV, who had served on the city’s airport commission for two years before his election to the city council, started Wednesday’s decision. He said the city should instead focus on its core mission, its core functions.

“An airport, to me, is ancillary,” Barclay said. “When it’s not a core function, we tend to treat it sort of as a stepchild.”

Barclay may have summed up the argument in favor of creating an airport authority better than anyone. He realizes, as others are finding out, that the city has not on purpose neglected the airport, but rather never gave the airport the investment and attention it deserves.

With the creation of an airport authority, plans can be put in place to allow the facility to grow, to improve to better serve Suffolk and to allow for tremendous growth.

The creation of an airport authority will put people in place to facilitate this growth, this improvement.

You see, the right people in the authority know what they are good at. And, in turn, their work will be good for all of Suffolk.