Strong planning needed

Published 10:21 pm Saturday, October 17, 2009

The recent report by Virginia Business in their 2009 statistical report shows the Suffolk is primed for an exceptional population boom over the next 20 years.

This is little surprise to those who have called Suffolk home for all of their lives. Gone are the days of a quiet farming town, specializing in the growing and processing of peanuts.

Today, Suffolk, in many areas, is a growing residential and retail community catering to an ever-changing population.

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The exciting news of this expected growth is that Suffolk has plenty of room to grow.

Of the 430-plus square miles, only an estimated 25 percent is what they call “built out.” But, the growth is coming and the growth, thanks to city leaders and planners, is being prepared for.

Very often you will hear city officials reference the comprehensive plan when making decisions. This plan is a guideline for where growth is expected and where growth is being prepared for.

As this city grows, we hope our city leaders adhere to a well-planned approach, but also ensure that the hometown feel that has made Suffolk so special is protected.

Suffolk has had a long and rich history throughout the decades, but it is hard to imagine this city experiencing the change and growth it is about to go through.

There is little doubt this process has experienced and will continue to experience growing pains, but strong planning on the front end may make the pain less severe and the results more spectacular.