Driver Days going back in time

Published 9:31 pm Monday, October 19, 2009

The village of Driver is about to go back in time, to a time of muskets and hardtack.

The annual Driver Days Fall Festival will take place this weekend, and will feature the classic staples from the past Driver Days as well as some new attractions.

“Every year we get feedback on what people enjoyed about Driver Days,” said Ken Parsons, one of the organizers for this year’s event. “That’s what we heard a lot more of, was to have more free activities going on.”


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To help give Driver’s visitors what they want, organizers reached out to the city’s tourism department and got in touch with are Civil War re-enactors.

Throughout the Driver Days weekend, there will be live re-enactments complete with a battle canon and musket fire.

“Seventy-five muskets and a canon going off at one time, it’ll be rather interesting,” Parsons said.

Additionally, the festival will have demonstrations from a Navy Dive Team. There will be a dive tank on site, where members of the team will perform various tasks and can interact with audience members from underwater.

“It should be really neat,” Parsons said.

The Navy will also have a bomb-deploying robot on display for people to see and learn more about.

On top of the new events and activities, Parsons said there will still be the classic Driver Days events for people to come participate in.

Live music, craft vendors, car shows, parades and the Sherri Parker Memorial Poker Run and Bike Show will all be held throughout the weekend.

Driver Days will kick off Saturday at 9 a.m. through 6 pm., and continue Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“It’s very exciting,” Parsons said. “It’s been very busy, very hectic getting it on but once it’s here it’s very fun to see everyone in the community coming in to town.”

Admission is free as is shuttle parking at Nansemond River High School. Money raised from the event will help benefit the Driver Volunteer Fire Department as well as the Suffolk Humane Society.

For more information, or for a complete list of events, visit