Pumpkin pulp clogging drain can be scary

Published 7:28 pm Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When you’re carving jack-o-lanterns next week, make sure to properly dispose of the pulp you dig out of your pumpkins.

Pumpkin pulp can clog drains and damage garbage disposals. Plumbing service professionals advise pumpkin carvers to keep pumpkin guts and seeds away from the kitchen sink.

“The pulp remains intact in the drain,” said Roy Perez, of Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Hampton Roads franchise. “As the orange substance hardens and sticks to the pipes, you’ll end up with a stopped-up kitchen sink.”

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Perez says it’s better to carve pumpkins on a newspaper, so pumpkin remnants can be easily thrown away or put in a compost pile. Better yet, save the pumpkin seeds and pulp for cooking. There are recipes for both.