Suggestions for city run the gamut

Published 10:56 pm Saturday, October 24, 2009

About 30 people took advantage of a suggestion box in the city tent at Peanut Festival, according to information from the city.

Eleven people simply took the opportunity to sign up for the city’s e-mail newsletter. A couple of people dropped in complaints about Peanut Fest — “There is no peanuts,” one wrote.

The other responses ranged from vulgarities to requests for services. Residents asked for everything from the return of curbside trash service to a mountain bike trail at Lone Star Lakes.

Email newsletter signup

“I am a visitor from Norfolk,” one person wrote. “Love Suffolk.”

Others, however, apparently don’t love Suffolk.

“City of Suffolk should become a separate city from the county,” one person wrote, apparently referring to the old Nansemond County. “The city has become a disaster.”

A couple of people had suggestions regarding certain areas of the city.

“Please consider investing resources in downtown/historic area as opposed to North Suffolk and other boroughs,” one person wrote. Another said, “Please don’t let 17 become an extension of Churchland. Maintain the lush green rural vibe! No more 7-11’s and lights.”

Other suggestions included bringing movies, bowling and skating to the city, as well as malls and wholesale clubs. One asked what the city is going to do about “gangs and guns.”

In addition, five people weighed in on the city’s motto, although one said he likes it the way it is.

Other motto suggestions were:

“Hometown feel in a big city.”

“Discover the sights, the sounds, the sensation of Suffolk.”

“We are growing and it is showing.”

“Super Suffolk.”

One “suggestion” even expressed gratitude for the free knick-knacks given out in the city tent.

“Thanks for all the free goodies,” it said.