NSA’s Crenshaw named TCIS Player of the Year

Published 7:08 pm Saturday, December 5, 2009

Player of the Year – Will Crenshaw – Nansemond-Suffolk

First Team Offense

Quarterback – Domonique Lennon, Nansemond-Suffolk


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Running Backs – Will Crenshaw, NSA; Scott Heller, Norfolk Academy; Kwontie Moore, Norfolk Christian

Linemen – Sean Buttery, NSA; Ryan Lopez, Bishop Sullivan Catholic; Bayard Mason, NSA; Billy Rawls, NCS; Tyler Smith, BSC

Receivers – Patrick Butler, BSC; Aaron West, Greenbrier Christian

Tight end – Josh Todd, NSA

Place kicker – Bobby Lamm, NSA

First Team Defense

Linemen – Sean Buttery, NSA; Jimmy Leach, NA; Kwontie Moore, NCS; Tyler Smith, BSC

Linebackers – Jeff Estienne, GCA; Ryan May, NSA; Jeffrey Swoope, BSC

Defensive backs – Domonique Lennon, NSA; Mario Nixon, NCS; Ryan Ross, NA; Steven Swoope, BSC

Kick returners – Jeff Estienne, GCA; Ryan Ross, NA

Punters – Tom Hickey, BSC; Josh Todd, NSA

Second Team Offense

Quarterback – Brandte McIntyre, BSC

Running backs – Jeff Estienne, GCA; Ryan Miller, BSC; Tylee Smith, Hampton Roads

Linemen – Will Hoppa, NA; Jonathan Horton, NSA; Jake Porter, NCS; Harry Putnam, BSC

Receivers – Tyler Edwards, NSA; Dontrelle Silver, NCS

Tight ends – Bryan Basnight, HRA; Patrick Wirth, BSC

Place kickers – Justin Dechirico, HRA; Tom Hickey, BSC

Second Team Defense

Linemen – Ryan Lopez, BSC; Josh Todd, NSA

Linebackers – Ben George, NCS; Ryan Miller, BSC; Marshall Scott, NA

Defensive backs – Patrick Butler, BSC; T.J. Reynard, GCA; Kenny Rice, NSA; Tylee Smith, HRA